Wilmington Masonry


As experienced experts and the best masonry company in Tewkesbury, MA, and its surroundings, we have received many calls regarding one problem or the other. We've always received various questions as regards the subject of masonry. This is why we've compiled this list to ensure that your preconceived questions get answered. However, if there is any other question you have that is not on this list, do not hesitate to give us a call.


What kind of projects requires hiring a Wilmington Masonry company?

A masonry company's role is to help you assemble various materials such as stone, brick, concrete blocks, or any other element that can be used to create or restore a wall, a facade, and a partition as various elements.

In the construction and renovation sector, these bodies of professionals occupy a central place. For services such as bricklaying, joint and brick repairs, complete or partial wall repair, installation of structural anchor, amidst others, you need a masonry company's service. Contact us if you are planning to build, rebuild, or renovate your home. Let us at Pineau Landscaping Company do it for you. We offer the best and affordable masonry services.


What are the advantages of brick or stone?

The use of stones and bricks increases the thermal mass of a building, provide increased comfort by absorbing summer heat and winter cold. These materials are suitable for passive solar applications.

In general, brick and stone do not require painting and can provide a structure with a reduced life cycle; however, adequately executed painting minimizes the risk of chipping from freezing. The concrete block or "chipboard" of the non-decorative variety is usually painted or plastered.

The appearance, especially if very neat, gives the masonry an impression of solidity and durability.


Is my brick crumbling or the face of the brick peeling off? 

You probably have a water infiltration problem. Water can seep through the masonry joint if the joint gets damaged during freezing—the water stored in the brick freezes, and the brick bursts. Calling in a masonry contractor to verify the cause on-site is the best thing to do. At Pineau Landscaping Company, we carry out thorough inspections to know precisely the cause and provide an authentic and lasting solution.

Why are there white marks on Brock and stone walls?

It's as a result of efflorescence. Efflorescence is caused by the presence of salts in the masonry, and especially in the sand. These salts dissolve in the moisture that is present in each masonry. The water rises to the brick surface during drying, where the water evaporates, and the dissolved salts are rejected.

The most common cause of the efflorescence is a reaction of the sand in the mortar. It is difficult to predict whether this reaction will occur because there are often several parameters that play a role:

  • adjuvants used

  • the sand used

  • produced water

  • spandrels without drip edge

  • water infiltration

  • gutters including

  • the water drains directly onto the brick or stone

This efflorescence is quite innocent and can be cleaned with a nylon brush and a little water. For stubborn stains, the use of an efflorescence cleaner will be necessary. Please do not hold back in contacting us for more information.

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